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18 August 2011 @ 01:35 am
Updates finally  
 Thanks to a kind person who somehow ended up owning this LJ we have it back!  

Hi all! For those who aren't on our Yahoo group or Facebook group (yes we have both, come visit!) I wanted to send out some updates.

American SF Media has a ton of stuff for you all this year! Our website has been updated with the schedule, and there's also a google version and an ical version for those that want to have it ready at hand!

Just check it out at www.scifitvtrack.com/

I do still need a few panelists too! I am looking for folks willing to talk about V, Web Series, Smallville, the BSG Universe, Sanctuary, and someone who's read all of the GRRM - Game of Thrones series, and seen the series (in other words, very familiar with the World as a whole). Just drop me an email with some idea of who you are and why you are comfortable talking about this stuff. You can reach me at amscifi@dragoncon.org.